Sunday, May 14, 2006

Israel Perspectives has finally made on to the Front Page!!!

...While numerous police investigations were launched on the basis of allegations that Jews were vandalizing Palestinian trees illegally, no one has been convicted and most of the cases were dismissed. On the other hand, there have been several reports and accusations that local Jewish leftists have intentionally destroyed trees as part of a campaign to make the “settlers” look responsible. The accusations against the “settlers” have been refuted at length on a new website devoted to fighting the “SDL: Settler Defamation League.”

Guess which "new website" the article is referring to?

That's right.

Israel Perspectives.

I'm on the map! Pretty soon, high school and college students are going to be crediting my blog in their research papers, as I have now become a reputable source of information on Israel and the Middle East. You just have to love the power of the internet.

(My more astute readers might have noticed that the date of the article is Jan. 10th, 2006. For some reason, I only discovered that I was receiving hits from the article over the weekend. Go figure.)


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