Thursday, December 29, 2005

Uh Oh, We're in trouble now...

Check out Israel's Labor party's slogan for the upcoming election campaign:
The Labor Party unveiled its new campaign slogan on Thursday at a motivational meeting for Labor's Knesset candidates: "Amir Peretz, because the time has come."

The new slogan, along with a photograph of a serious Amir Peretz against an Israeli flag, will appear on bumper stickers and t-shirts.

Perhaps this is the cynical side of me coming out, but this slogan seems to be extremely depressing.

Have things gotten so bad that it's time for Amir Peretz? Have we given up on all else that we have decided that perhaps Socialism isn't so bad, after all?

The first thing that came to mind, upon learning of this slogan was the following political campaign ad that he might consider using:

Sad music playing in the background.

Scenes of:

"Palestinians" desecrating the synagogues of Gush Katif and burning them down...

Striking Israeli teachers...

The Iranian president calling to wipe Israel off the map...

Striking Israeli doctors...

Jews being expelled from their homes by the IDF...

Striking Israeli bus drivers and airline pilots...

Followed by:

Excerpts from Amir Peretz's speeches in which he states that if he is elected Prime Minister, he will implement final-status negotiations without delay, eliminating the need for the "Palestinians" to fight terror before Israel makes concessions...

Final Scene:

A serious looking Amir Peretz standing beside an Israeli Flag...


Amir Peretz, because the time has come... to say goodbye to Israel.


That would make for a great Likud or Kadima ad. :)

By Blogger Ezzie, at Fri Dec 30, 12:10:00 AM GMT+2  

no kidding... HIS time has come? he acts like we are so desperate that we want to return to the old Labor socialism or something. what a whack-job he is.

I have a new slogan for him:

"A Desperate Leader for a Desperate Nation... Amir Peretz"

and maybe he could even get the Russian mob to campaign for him.

By Blogger Tovya @ Zion Report, at Fri Dec 30, 06:48:00 AM GMT+2  

Ahhh! Just wrote a huge long comment that got wiped because it went to "Page cannot be found".

In short then.

What about NU slogan - Katom Achshav.

Ludicrous play on Shalom Achshav - all it proves is that you seeminly oppose Shalom and want to replace it with Katom. So you are against peace and for the very Jewish value of "Orangeness"

So where does this connection to Orange come from? Is it the national colour of Judaism or something. Oh no - that would be t'chellet - the colour chosen by the anti-occupation, Zionist camp. Where as the pro-occupation camp chose Orange - why then?

Well as it happens, not only is Orange the absolute opposite of the Jewish/Zionist colour of blue on the colour wheel - thus reinforcing the anti-Zionist message of the pro-occupation camp, but the real reason is because the colour orange had been shown to be so very successful in the Ukrainian national revolution earlier in the year.

So in fact Katom Achshav is a sign of support for Ukrainian Nationalism.

This should be very encouraging for the Jewish people - after all the Ukrainian people are good old friends of the Jews right? I mean who can forget their lovely treatment of us over 1000 years of our exile in their land? I mean, why would we want to object to the people who thought up the Chmielnitzki massacres which murdered 33% of the Jewish people of Ukraine? Why would we not want to honour the nation who were Hitler's most willing supporters?

So yeah - Katom Achshav: Because we love Ukraine and hate Jews!

Or what about this for a NU advert:

The scene - Jews begging in the streets of Jerusalem. Underfed children in Israel.

The Voice Over:

Poor? Hungry? Unemployed? Cold this winter? Do you want a party which will address the crumbling economic situation in Israel and work to protect the weak and defenceless in society?

NO! You want National Union - We support the rights of tax dodgers, draft dodgers and people who live in remote settlements, thus squandering the national budget on their defence.

You may be poor and less secure - but the Palestinians are worse off because of the occupation we help continue! Think how lucky we are!

Or maybe a simple slogan :

National Union: Because fascism works.

Ze'ev - do you really think Avishai Braverman would support Amir Peretz if he thought he was fiscally irresponsible, thereby jeopardising his entire reputation as a world renowned economist? Tell me - does National Union have anyone of any calibre who knows anything about finance? Who has any experience in social policy?


By Anonymous H, at Sun Jan 01, 10:13:00 AM GMT+2  


That statement is simply a code to tell the Jews who are not part of the Askanizim power group that it is time to have a Sephardic prime minister. It's a very racist statement, much like the practices of the Askanizie power group has used for years.

By Anonymous Hillel, at Sun Jan 01, 07:20:00 PM GMT+2  

One more thing. In your add ... last sentence. Strike through the A in Amir and put E.

By Anonymous scott, at Mon Jan 02, 08:58:00 AM GMT+2  

Haim, for a number of reasons, I think the Katom Achshav slogan is ridiculous, buyt not b/c of any Ukranianconnection (Katom actually was the official color of Gush Katif before any of this Ukraine business).

I just dont think the slogan says anything.

Not exactly sure that I see how NU is fascist...

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Mon Jan 02, 09:46:00 AM GMT+2  

Why is NU fascist?

The term fascist was based on the symbol chosen by Mussolini for his fascist party. This symbol, borrowed from the Roman empire was one of a bundle of straw tied together and symbolised "stregth through unity", which was used as a slogan by Mussolini. I believe the same slogan was used by one of the parties that founded the original Ihud Haleumi, but I may be mistaken - either way, the name itself, and its obvious irony are enough of a link to the original Fascists for that particular point - you see despite being called National Union, the party is in fact intent on de-unifying Israelis into two groups - Jews and Arabs. THerefore it represents unity of the majority at the expense of the minority - this being a prime example of a fascist tendency: the disregard for the democratic principle of defending minority rights.

Democracy in its progressive modern snese (i.e, as envisioned by the liberal movement within the French enlightenment and emancipation period) is as much about ensuring the civil liberties of the individual within society as about performing the collective's will. In this regard, the National Union could be described as Fascist in that it promotes the negation of the minority's rights in favour of the desire of the majority.

This approach, combined with the demagogic style and theocratic tendencies negates the NU's pretensions at being a democratic movement.

Fundamentally, the NU's rejection of the right to self-determination on behalf of the residents of Yehuda, Shomron (and Aza) is anti-democratic, totalitarian and fascist.

That is why NU is fascist.

I was going to say racist, but I thought you would object to that more!


By Anonymous H, at Mon Jan 02, 11:25:00 AM GMT+2  

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