Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New Blog Format

Over the 2+ months that I have been sharing my thoughts on this blog, I have given much thought as to the tone, style and content that I would like my blog to have, some of which I elaborated upon in this post.

To date, there have been two types of postings on this blog:

1) My commentary and thoughts on current events / issues facing Israel and the Jewish People (without a personal connection / 1st person account)

2) 1st person accounts / thoughts on life in Israel and the challenges facing the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

I have noticed that it is the 2nd type of posting that seems to generate the most interest from my readers, as well as helping to give my readers the best ability to understand what life is like in Israel (at least from my perspective) and the challenges that we are facing as a nation.

I do feel that the 1st type of post is also important, and fortunately, now that I have become a contributor at Israpundit I now have an outlet for my general thoughts on the issues of the day, while leaving this blog reserved for more personal thoughts / 1st hand accounts of what is happening here in Israel, as it relates to the greater Jewish People.

From time to time, I imagine that I will include the 1st type of posting on this blog as well, if I feel that it is important enough for my readers to be aware of.

I may change the format of this blog again, as I am relatively new to blogging, and am just trying to get a feel for how I can best get my point of view across, while providing my readers with posts that they will find to be of interest and that they can personally relate to.

I am certainly open to the suggestions and feedback of my readers. If you feel that I should continue to post everything here, please let me know. If you have any other comments and suggestions for this blog, I would be most appreciative for them.


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