Sunday, September 04, 2005

Haveil Havalim #35

Here's a look back at the week that was in the Jewish / Israel Blogsphere. We're going to take a look at some of the best and most original posts of the week - along with everyone's submissions, of course.

The week opened on an all too familiar (and sadly expected) note in Israel, with the suicide attack in Be'er Sheva. If You Will It shares his thoughts on life in Israel in the wake of another attack. Treppenwitz asks us to take a moment to appreciate the security guards whose act of heroism, in this instance, saved countless lives. Israel Perspectives 2nds the call to honor these thankless heroes.

On to Hurricane Katrina...

Tel-Chai Nation has compiled a nice round up of blogs that have been covering the unfolding tragedy in New Orleans. Smooth Stone is involved in a blog campaign to help the victims of Katrina.

Is there a connection between US support of "Disengagement" and the tragedy that the US is now suffering in the wake of the destruction caused by the hurricane? Sultan Knish strongly believes so (as he makes his case here, here, and here). My Right Word introduces us to a New Orleans resident who is convinced that they know the reason behind the suffering of the people of New Orleans.

****** Cosmic X ****** isn't sure, but either way, suggests that we can all learn a valuable lesson from what happened. Toby Katz of Cross-Currents also suggests a few more lessons to be learned.

Dov Bear , Orthomom and Elms in the Yard all reject the possibility of Katrina serving as a form of Divine retribution.

Miriam of Bloghead shares her thoughts on the looting in the aftermath of the hurricane. Chayyei Sarah shares some of her hurricane musings. Prima Impressionis asks just how important New Orleans really is. Smooth Stone tells us of Israel being the 1st country to offer aid to the US, and of a particular skill that Israel has that the US may find helpful. Dov Bear wonders as to the fate of the 100 year old shul in New Orleans.

In other news...

Upsidedown World asks, "What If..."?

Miriam of Bloghead gives us a way to channel our frustrations away from the disaster in New Orleans, and focus it on the rules that those living in New Square must abide by.

****** Cosmic X ****** cries foul over the possible "Profiting From The Calamity Of Others", where the price of bug-free produce in Israel has increased dramatically in the wake of the liquidation of the bug-free produce industry in Gush Katif).

Do you want to take part in fight against global terror? The Campaign to Divest from "Palestine" tell us how.

The Human Picture suggests, in response to Shiloh Musings post on Ends and Means, that alternative methods should have been used by the anti-"Disengagement" camp.

Shiloh Musings describes the ideal leader for the State of Israel and the Jewish People. She has someone in mind, but is keeping us in anticpation until she will name him (her?) in a future post (check next week's HH).

SerandEz tackles some myths relating to Gaza.

Something Something closes the door on "Disengagement".

galileeblog has found a cause that he thinks is worthwhile enough for others to get involved in.

Elder of Zion Recaps this week's Palestinian peace initiatives for us. (I'm not joking)

It seems as if Israel won't be connecting Ma'aleh Adumim with Jerusalem after all, and Tel-Chai Nation tells us why.

Atlas Shrugs pits Iran vs. Israel... Find out who wins.

Jewish Current Issues restates the obvious, by showing us some more proof that "Palestinians don't disarm Palestinians".

Menorah tells of us continuous "Palestinian" efforts to bury Arafat on the Temple Mount.

Jameel of The Muqata has come up with a new prayer for the welfare of the Nation of Israel.

Not the Godol HaDor responds to Orthoprax's question, as to why one should be moral.

Amshinov enlightens us as to why he believes it is ok to refer to non-Jews as Goyim.

For some light postings (for those who want to move past "Disengagement" and Katrina)...

How many prime ministers of Israel were born in the United States? Biur Chametz tests our American Zionist knowledge with this, and other trivia questions.

A Simple Jew shares what he heard over the baby monitor.

My, how time flies. It seems like it was yesterday when Gil from Hirhurim was graduating high school. Gil shares his experiences at his 15 year high school reunion with us.

Want to know how many Jews are learning full-time in Israel? The Jewish Worker has the answer. (Depending on your point of view, this number will either make you very proud, or very angry).

Me-Ander warns us of the dangers of blogging.

My Obiter Dicta challenges his fellow Jewish bloggers to start blogging in Hebrew (his post is in English, of course).

Soccer Dad takes a look at Pop-culture in the news.

Shoshana of Sweet Rose examines whom she has more in common with, the Chasidim who work in her neighborhood, or her secular / non-Jewish co-workers? Ze'ev of Israel Perspectives asks himself a similar question.

Me-Ander takes a look at the latest fashion styles... You'd be surprised as to what she reveals (or doesn't).

Just when you thought there wasn't any good news coming out of Israel, Point of Pinchas shares with us a unique story about a Jerusalem taxi ride.

Ready for a joke? Guess what Jerry Seinfeld named his new baby boy? My Urban Kvetch has the answer.

To serve, or not to serve, that is the question... that Treppenwitz's daughter asks him, as she tries to decide what form of Israeli national / army service she should enter.

To Early For Aliyah's dream is about to come true... Smooth Stone tells us how the dreams of the Bnei Menashe are still on hold. The Observant Jew shares with us the hidden cost of Aliyah. While at Kumah we hear the heartfelt thoughts of one who has not yet taken the plunge.

So, there you have it. A (rather long) look at the week that was. Join us next week, same HH time, different HH channel. (HH #36 will be hosted by Velveteen Rabbi, submissions can be sent to rachel at velveteenrabbi dot com or by using the Conservative Cat Carnival submission form).

Haveil Havalim can also be found at The Truth Laid Bear's uberCarnival.


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