Monday, September 12, 2005

Desecrated Synagogues, Israeli National Parks & the Future of the State of Israel

I have little room in my heart for the "Palestinians" who, along with the rest of the Arab / Islamic world are dead set on the destruction of the Jewish State in the Land of Israel. Yet, begrudgingly, I must admit that in one particular area, we have much to learn from them.

When it comes to the "Palestinians" belief in the righteousness of their cause and of their right to a "Palestinian" State in all of greater "Palestine", their commitment and dedication is second to none. The "Palestinians" are united in their goal, and will seemingly stop at nothing until they have achieved all of their objectives.

In what hardly can be called a surprise, the "Palestinians” took the very 1st opportunity, upon taking control of the former Jewish communities in Gush Katif, to raze the remaining synagogues to the ground.
"Symbols of the occupation have to be taken down," Hisham Abdel Razek, a Palestinian lawmaker, told Israel's Army Radio.

Now, contrast this with the following (excerpted from an earlier post: The Jewish Suicidal Urge):

Ha'aretz reports:
The Jewish National Fund will place signs commemorating the Palestinian villages of Yalo and Amuas, destroyed in 1967, which were located in what is today Canada Park, near Latrun.

The decision was made following a petition to the High Court by the Zochrot organization, dedicated to commemorating destroyed Palestinian villages and supporting the right of return for Palestinians that fled or were expelled in 1948.

The JNF said that it did not oppose putting up the signs as long as they did not damage the park's aesthetic value.

One the one hand, we witness the "Palestinians" who are so certain of the justness of their cause - of their right to all of "Palestine", and of the illegitimacy of the Jewish claim to the Land of Israel, that they immediately removed all signs of the foreign occupation from the newly "liberated" land. On the other hand, we have Israel, the supposed Jewish State, who is so uncertain of the justness of their cause, of their right to a Jewish State in the Land of Israel, that it builds memorials on national park land to eternalize the memory of "Palestinian" villages that once were, throughout the Land of Israel.

The message is clear. If we continue to "disengage" from our collective Jewish identity and heritage, if we are not convinced of our right to a Jewish State in the Land of Israel, and if we continue to view ourselves as occupiers, thieves, and colonialists, then in the coming years we will witness many more scenes as the one we have witnessed today, namely, Israelis - Jews - retreating from the Land of Israel, watching every last remnant of the once flourishing Jewish presence in the land going up in smoke - and we will have no one to blame for this but ourselves.


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