Monday, September 12, 2005

Blogs of Zion

Check out the new blog Blogs of Zion.

Blogs of Zion is an on-line forum for Zionists from across the ideological and social spectrum to decipher, develop and debate issues affecting the Jewish people around the world.

Today, more often than not, that conversation is muted—especially in the Diaspora. Left does not speak to Right, nor Right to Left. The Religious have given up on the Secular, and the Secular find no reason to speak to the Religious. Israelis feel that those in the Diaspora just do not understand, and those in the Diaspora think Israelis have no perspective and don't know what they're doing. Thus, we have become fractured, fractious people, and our potential to do great things—to be a light shining forth from Zion—is held hostage by the many shades in which each community would like the light to shine.

Blogs of Zion seeks to reopen the dialogue in the hope that thesis and antithesis will produce a new, unified thesis—or at least a common vocabulary with which we can discuss our common future.


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