Thursday, August 11, 2005

George Bush on... "Disengagement"...

Hey, Israel, pay attention... Jewish People, listen up... The President of the United States has a message for all of you: Worried about the danger that "Disengagement" poses to Israel? Well, there's no need to worry. Everything is going to be A-OK.

In an interview given on Israel's Channel 1, George Bush had the following to say:
"I believe the decision that Prime Minister Sharon has made and is going to follow through on will be good for Israel," Bush said, interviewed at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Asked why he thought Israel's disengagement from the occupied land would help Israeli security, Bush replied: "First of all the previous system wasn't working. There was an intifada (Palestinian uprising), there was death, there was killing. And if you notice, there's been a calm in attacks".

"In the meantime we've got to work, you know, to dismantle terrorist organizations, and that's precisely what the road map calls for."
Ok, just to sum up how the "Disengagement" plan is good for Israel...

1) "The previous system wasn't working"... That means what exactly? What system?

2) "There was an intifada, there was death, there was killing"... Yes, but George Bush seems to like using vague terms... Yes, there was an "intifada" and "death and Killing" - it's called terror, the same type of terror that happened in the US on 9/11. In this case, Islamic terror against the Jewish State. For some reason, when it happens in Israel, terror demands the implementation of a government policy which retreats in the face of terror, whereas in the US, it gives license to invade and occupy two countries (and counting).

3) "And if you notice there's been a calm in attacks" - let's see what Evelyn Gordon of the Jerusalem Post has to say about that:
According to the Shin Bet, the number of Palestinian attacks in July exceeded the total for any other month of the past year and a half.

Thus far from reducing Palestinian violence, the impending disengagement appears to be fueling it – which is precisely what pullout opponents have always predicted.

As a result, the disengagement would convince the Palestinians that violence works, and therefore encourage them to do more of it.

In other words, six months into the truce, the number of Palestinian attacks per month is now higher than it was during the entire year preceding the truce. Indeed, more Israelis were killed by Palestinians in June and July than during the same months last year, when there was no truce.

The Shin Bet statistics thus indicate that Sharon's two main security policies – the disengagement and the truce with Abbas – have been undermining Israel's security rather than improving it.

But one can easily understand the media's reluctance to publicize this fact. The press, after all, mobilized almost to a man behind both the disengagement and the truce – and journalists are no different from anyone else in their dislike of having their errors hit the headlines.

The same can seemingly be said of Presidents and Prime Ministers.


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