Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Anatomy of a Resignation: Bibi Netanyahu

Let's take a closer look at Bibi Netanyahu’s resignation letter to see if we can discover why he finally decided to leave the Sharon government, less than 10 days before Sharon intends to implement his expulsion ("Disnegagement") plan.
From the first conversation when you presented your plan to me, I told you that I oppose unilateral withdrawal without anything in return, that in my estimation will strengthen the forces of terror.

And yet, time and again Bibi, you proceeded to vote in favor of Sharon's expulsion plan, especially when you were threatened with losing your seat in the cabinet if you were to dare to cross Sharon. Could it be, that now that it is clear that regardless of what happens with “Disnegagement” that there are going to be elections very soon, that you are merely playing another one of your political games to best position yourself for another shot at the Prime Minister’s office?

Let’s give Bibi the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps there has been a change in the facts on the ground that has led Bibi to decide that now is the time to resign...
"As I warned, the Hamas is strengthening, the terror continues, the firing of rockets and mortars on our communities has not ended, and terror elements proclaim that they will move the rockets that drove us out of the Gaza Strip to Judea and Samaria, and from there will operate them until "the complete liberation of Palestine."

Bibi, wake up... This was as clear as day over a year ago, when Qassam rockets and mortars were already raining down on Gush Katif and Sderot...
"But just as I warned in 1993 that the Oslo Agreement will bring attacks from Judea and Samaria and rockets from Gaza, so I unfortunately am convinced today that the current move will bring in the course of time to an increase in terror rather than a decrease."

Did your warnings come before or after you gave away Chevron to the "Palestinians", from where they have been able to spend their days sniping at Jewish babies like Shalhevet Pass, Z"L, and their nights finding other unique ways to terrorize the ancient Jewish community.
As you know full well, security officials also confirm that in the wake of the unilateral withdrawal they expect an increase in terror in the mid run.

Yes, and we've known that full well for a very, very long time. That's why Moshe “Boogie” Ya’alon, the former IDF Chief of Staff, got canned - for not toeing the party (“Disnegagement” Plan) line, along with Head of the Shin Bet, Avi Dichter. So, why has it taken you this long to finally recognize what everyone else in this country has known for months now, if not over a year?
In summary: it is becoming increasingly clear that the unilateral withdrawal under fire doesn't give us anything.

My dear Bibi, that's why it's called a unilateral withdrawal. You're a smart guy, you know what the word means. We're pulling out, with our tail between our legs, just like we did in Lebanon, and since its unilateral, it means we don’t get anything in return except more mortars and Qassam rockets...
This is not the way to achieve peace.

Hmmm... You don't say. Did you just figure that one out now, Bibi?
After the terror attacks in New York, Washington, London and Sinai, the world begins to understand that it is necessary to fight terror and not make compromises. The international community understands more and more that it is impossible to fight terror by running away from it, because the accumulating experience shows that the terror only strengthens and pursues us.

Bibi, Bibi... Don't you get it, Israel is to blame for all of the terror attacks that you mentioned! The way that the world fights terror is by forcing Israel to appease the terrorists... C'mon, of all people, you should know that, after all, you wrote the book on "Fighting Terrorism".
A balanced Government that reflected the will of the People in the last elections has turned into a Government that carries out automatically policies that oppose the principles of the Likud and the mandate that we received from our voters.

Maybe I was sleeping, but when did this government ever reflect the will of the people? Was that before or after Sharon made a mockery of Amram Mitzna’s unilateral Gaza withdrawl plan in the elections?
Today we reached the moment of truth. There is a way to reach peace and security.

Care to share, or will you only tell us after we elect you to be Prime Minister again?
I am not prepared to be a partner to an irresponsible move that endangers the security of Israel, divides the Nation, sets the principle of withdrawal to the '67 lines, and in the future even endangers the unity of Jerusalem.

Too late...
Therefore I advise today of my resignation from the Government.

Best regards,
Binyamin Netanyahu

We'll miss you, Bibi. Enjoy smoking those expensive cigars while catching some rays on the beach... Heck, if anyone’s earned it, you have!


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