Monday, July 04, 2005

The 4th of July & American Aliyah and "the other calendar"...

At some point over the last 6 months I made a conscience decision to begin using the Hebrew calendar as my "calendar of choice". No longer do I ask the question "When does Peasach fall out this year"? or the like (and I find it incredibly frustrating when I am asked that question by others). In Israel, one can use the Hebrew date for most things, like on checks... and on a personal level, I have found more of a connection to everything Jewish now that I have begun using the Hebrew date.

After all, if the Jewish People are truly to be sovereign in our Homeland, and we are trying to create a uniquely Jewish society here, than I do not see any reason why we should refrain from using the Jewish calendar.

All that being said... It was pointed out to me a number of times today, that while according to the Jewish calendar, it is the 27th of Sivan, that according to "the other calendar" (the ‘pork’ of calendars) it is the 4th of July. As of the writing of this blog, I will not be attending any baseball games, nor will I be having a BBQ (although I am open to any invitations), but I do think that on a day that America celebrates her independence that it is fitting that I express thanks to the USA for everything she gave me.

In particular, I am thankful for having been able t be raised in a free and open society where I was able to learn and grow in my Jewish awareness and identity without feeling like an outsider, and ultimately my having been able to choose to leave America and make my home in Israel, and not out of a desire to flee to Israel as a result of fear, persecution or other difficulties or hardships.

Now, if only the Mets could put a nice winning streak together... Maybe that's what I'll be thankful for next year...


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