Tuesday, June 28, 2005

No Turning Back???

I came across an interesting article in today's Jerusalem Post, entitled "Canceling pullout would spark recession".

The article quotes a study headed by Prof. Daniel Tsiddon of Tel Aviv University, which claims "From an economic perspective, completing the disengagement is a vital action. If... the disengagement is not carried out, the economy will deteriorate into a deeper recession than that into which it was dragged as a result of the last Intifada".

Prof. Tsiddon's study considers 4 different scenarios whereby the "disengagement" plan could be stopped and explains the economic consequences of each one.

The findings of the study have already come under criticism, in particular by 'Yakir Plessner, Hebrew University economist and former deputy governor of the Bank of Israel, dismissed it as "unprofessional" and... In truth, the effect of canceling the withdrawal is "anybody's guess," Plessner said, questioning the authors' grounds for arguing that it would cause a deeper recession than the one of 2002-2003. "I don't know where they got this".

What interests me is the motivation behind conducting this study in the first place. The publication of the findings of this study comes in the footsteps of the Israeli Left (the media, in particular) admitting that "disengagement" is not going to bring peace and security to the citizens of Israel, which was one of the main motivations for the plan, but that now the main reason for implementing "Disengagement" is because of the need to end the "occupation".

Clearly, what is happening here is that one by one, the myths that were created and fed to the Jewish People as to why "Disengagement" was in their best interests are being unmasked - and it is clear that the Emperor is naked.

So, what is the latest reason as to why the destruction of Jewish communities in Israel must go forward?

Well, of course, if we don't carry out Sharon's expulsion plan (which won't bring peace or security, and in the eyes of the world not even end the "occupation"), Israel will face economic ruin. So, we have no choice but to push forward, right?

Makes perfect sense to me.

So, the choice that the Jewish People are faced with today, is do we continue to go along with the plan calling for the destruction of Jewish communities throughout Israel, that won't bring peace or security all because our esteemed leaders wrote checks that they knew they couldn't cash?

My parents taught me when I was growing up that sometimes people make mistakes, and when you do, you have to fess' up to them, and make things right - even if it is painful.

It is time for the Government of Israel to fess' up to their mistakes, and begin making things right for the Jewish People. Even if the findings of the study are accurate, which is hardly a given, the ruin that would befall the Jewish People and the State of Israel should Sharon push this plan through will be much more costly.


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