Monday, July 04, 2005

A Nation of Aliyah...

Of late, there has been much talk as to what status foreign workers who have been in Israel for a significant period of time, and in particular the children born to them, who have been raised in Israeli society should be given.

Should they be allowed to stay, and begin a naturalization process that would culminate in citizenship, due to the fact that they (and their children) now feel a part of Israeli society?

In an article this past week in Ha'aretz, "High Court Justice Elyakim Rubinstein made use of a ruling on Wednesday to add his own voice to the public debate pertaining to a tightening of immigration policy. "The nation's character is that of a `nation of Aliyah' - that is, a nation of return, rather than immigration," Rubinstein declared in his ruling. He explained that the term "immigration" is applicable to a nation "like all other nations," which "is not in keeping with the unique Israeli experience and the Zionist vision." He added that the name of the Minhal Ha-hagira (Immigration Administration) is also not to his liking."

If the State of Israel is to truly reflect that we are in fact a "Nation of Aliyah", whereby the State of Israel seeks the return of all the Jewish people to their natural Homeland, than this can't be reflected only in the State of Israel's immigration policy, but in all aspects of society in the State of Israel that will clearly mark it as the Jewish State, and the State of the Jewish People.


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