Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Rejecting the Will of the People in the "Only Democracy in the Middle East"

Believe it or not, there are still a large number of Jews living in Israel who have not lost their sanity - unfortunately for the Jewish people and State, very few of them are presently sitting in positions of power that would allow them to shape the policies and character of the Jewish State of Israel.

New poll shows 68.4% of Israeli Jews fear Israeli Arab uprising
68.4 percent of Israeli Jews fear a civil uprising on behalf of Israeli Arabs and 63.3 percent say they won't enter Arab towns in Israel, according to the results of the 2006 index of Jewish-Arab relations released on Monday... Furthermore, 64.4 percent of Jews polled said they feel that Israeli Arabs pose a security risk to the state through their high birth rate, and 83.1 percent said Israeli Arabs are a security risk due to their support of the Palestinians.
These results are consistent with the results from the Index of Jewish-Arab Relations of previous years - with only one difference, namely, with each passing year, more and more Jewish in Israel realize the grave threat that the Israeli Arabs pose to the continued existence of Israel as a Jewish State.

One need not be a Talmudic scholar or brain surgeon to understand these results.

In truth, it is much more difficult to comprehend how anyone could believe that Israeli Arabs would feel at home in a Jewish State that has a Law of Return that only applies to Jews, a State Flag that is adorned by the Star of David, a Menorah as the State symbol, and in which the words "A Jewish soul yearns" are sung in the national anthem, and most importantly, who view this land to be rightfully theirs, and that we are, as such, unwanted occupiers.

No Arab, Israeli or otherwise, with even a shred of national pride and dignity is going to forsake the claim to his Homeland for HDTV and a car (even if, to my dismay, such an offer appeals to a great many Jews).

The Israeli Arabs themselves have made no secret of their true feelings regarding Israel continuing to exist as a Jewish State, and yet...

Ignoring the true will of the People of Israel, the government of Israel continues to plan future expulsions of Jews from their homes in the Land of Israel, and sits impotent in the face of the ongoing Arab war of destruction against the Jewish State.

On the bright side, when the time finally arrives, when the Jewish State will be blessed with true Jewish leadership, those leaders will find a nation prepared to support them in taking whatever steps are needed to ensure that the State of Israel flourishes as a Jewish State, as it was intended to be, and which the Nation of Israel clearly wants.

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