Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Israel Media Round-Up: Israeli Arab Edition

Consider the following recent headlines about Israel's (loyal?) Arab citizens:

MK Sarsour calls Muslims to free J'lem
MK Ibrahim Sarsour (UAL-TA'AL), Speaking at the "Jerusalem First" conference in Ramallah, the lawmaker emphasized the importance of Jerusalem to Islam, and called on participants to "act together to become a torrent on the road to liberation."

"Just as the Muslims once liberated Jerusalem from the Crusaders, so must we today believe that we can liberate Jerusalem. It is not an impossible dream," he said.
Poll: Over 25% of Israeli Arabs say Holocaust never happened
In its most dramatic finding, the poll showed that 28 percent of Israeli Arabs did not believe the Holocaust happened, and that among high school and college graduates the figure was even higher - 33 percent...

While 89 percent said they view Israel's bombing of Lebanon as a war crime, only 44 percent said they see Hezbollah's attacks on Israel as such. Hezbollah pelted northern Israel with nearly 4,000 rockets.

Half of Israeli Arab respondents said Hezbollah's capture of Israel Defense Forces reserves soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev in a cross-border raid was justified.
Majadele refuses to sing national anthem
Israel's first Arab minister said in newspaper interview he would not sing anthem, because song was written 'only for Jews'...

In the interview, Majadele said, "Of course I would not sing the anthem in its current form. But before we talk about symbols, I want to talk about equal education for my children. It's more important that my son would be able to buy a house, live with dignity… the Arabs are not in a mood to sing right now."

MK a-Sanaa calls to boycott Israel

United Arab List MK Taleb a-Sanaa on Tuesday called on the international community to boycott Israel, after a large group of yeshiva students moved into a Hebron home formerly owned by a Palestinian who claimed not to have sold them the house.
The articles speak for themselves - and no, the solution is not to promote Jewish / Arab co-existence programming!)

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Only Racism Motivates anti Israel "racism" charges - Constant campaign by Arab racists

By Blogger The Reality Show, at Wed Mar 21, 10:30:00 PM GMT+2  

Anti-Zionism is racism. If palestinianism is valid, then Zionism is valid. Period.

By Blogger Smooth, at Tue Apr 10, 02:02:00 AM GMT+3  

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