Sunday, February 26, 2006

The destruction of Shuls & the lack of moral clarity in the State of Israel

The silence is deafening... but hardly surprising.

Tajikhistan razing country's only Shul to make room for presidential home

Authorities in Tajikistan (a country whose population is 85% Muslim) have started demolishing the country's only synagogue in order to make way for a new presidential residence, an official said Friday.

The century-old synagogue on government land in the ex-Soviet republic's capital Dushanbe will be completely torn down by June "as part of the plans to build a new presidential palace," said city administration spokesman Shavkat Saidov.

Last month, city authorities demolished the synagogue's ritual bathhouse, classroom and kosher butchery, the Norway-based international Forum 18 religious rights group said.

Tajikistan's Jewish community, mainly made up of Bukharan Jews, is mostly elderly and poor and cannot afford to build a new synagogue. About 280 Jews live in Dushanbe, of about 480 across the country.

One might have expected the government of the State of Israel to try and intervene in the matter, and save this century old synagogue from being destroyed, yet the government of the State of Israel has been strangely silent.

Could it be that the government of the State of Israel, ever since it carried out the expulsion of thousands of Jews from Gush Katif - leaving behind the synagogues (and other Jewish holy sites) to the Palestinians (thus welcoming their desecration and destruction - as is the accepted behavior of the "Palestinians" towards any Jewish holy site they come into contact with) - has lost the moral authority to speak out against the persecution of Jews and the destruction of Jewish holy sites around the world?

Could it be that the government of the State of Israel now finds itself unable to carry out one of the most fundamental obligations that it has as the leaders of the Jewish State - namely to defend the rights of Jews throughout the world (and even within Israel) to live proudly and freely as Jews?

I guess that's the price one must be willing to pay for peace err... security umm... international support well... having a Jewish State... hmmm... being the only democracy in the Middle East...


yes.What is left?

By Anonymous daat y, at Sun Feb 26, 06:37:00 PM GMT+2  

Maybe Israel could take another step and convince and pay for them to make Aliyah?

By Anonymous Tovya @ Zion Report, at Sun Feb 26, 07:45:00 PM GMT+2  


I indirectly received a letter from Naomi Ragen which contained this link:

By Blogger Joe Settler, at Sun Feb 26, 09:16:00 PM GMT+2  


The Government didn't manage to stop this decision because it lacks moral authority?????

Perhaps Ze'ev the Israeli foreign ministry is not powerful enough to stop the Tajiki government doing what it likes on land which it owns.

Perhaps, Ze'ev, this is simply a case of the inevitable demise of Galut Jewry.

Perhaps Ze'ev, the Israeli government hasn't even been informed of it - maybe they don't read Israel Insider? Maybe instead of assuming that this has to do with a disregard for Jewish rights, you should ask someone responsible in government what they are doing about it?

Do you even know that they haven't done anything about it?

As for the crossing out gag - it makes you look more interested in cheap laughs than intelligent conversation, I would advise against.


By Anonymous H, at Mon Feb 27, 12:59:00 PM GMT+2  

Haim, I looked all over the internet. I havent found a single mention by anyone in an official capacity representing the State of Israle ven condeming this action.

If Israel is the Jewish State, it is obligated to defend the rights and interests of Jews around the world - even if they all should be living in Israel.

Granted, the Tajik government might not listen to Israel, but that doesn't absolve Israel from making an effort...

Now, in your eyes, as those who live outside of Israel are not part of the Nation of Israel, I can understand why you dont care about this Shul being destroyed, ut for someone who still believes that Jews all over the world are brothers - I have a great problem wit hthe State of Israel's lack of caring and lack of action.

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Mon Feb 27, 03:28:00 PM GMT+2  


Now who's using private conversations to influence a discussion? But anyway, you slightly misrepresented my position - I would like a moratorium set up, wherein the "Jews" of the Exile are told that they need to put up or shut up. Only after the Law of return window has been closed to all except refugees will the nation of Israel be complete in the land.

By Anonymous H, at Tue Feb 28, 09:17:00 AM GMT+2  

This is the price we pay for assimilation, and the death of former thriving communties.

This is the price we pay for an international rise in anti semtism and a lack of care for others.

This is the "price" we pay when people return to the homeland and leave former countries devoid of Judaism

By Blogger ifyouwillit, at Thu Mar 02, 01:02:00 PM GMT+2  

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