Wednesday, August 03, 2005

When there's no time to daven... it's time to go 'home'

Here is an occasion where I just find it a bit difficult to feel sympathetic towards my Jewish brothers and sisters who have chosen to make their home in America.

An article on Israel National News entitled No Time for Prayer; Proposed Clock Change Upsets U.S. Jews reports on the outcry being raised by American Jews relating to the US Congress deciding to change when daylight savings time starts and ends.
The proposed changes would mean that sunrise would be around 8 a.m. "It would make it impossible for those in certain parts of the United States to pray Shacharis (morning prayers) before work," according to the Orthodox Union (OU).

Clearly, I am in favor of Jews being able to pray with a minyan at the proper time. I also believe in, as America is a democracy, the right of individuals and groups to lobby and advocate for legislation that is in their own best interest.

However, on a purely Jewish level, I don't feel any sympathy for what is happening in America. America is not a Jewish country, and America will do what is best for itself - sometimes hat might work in the best interests of her Jewish citizens and other times it won't. If a Jew is concerned with living in a country where his concerns as a Jew are to be considered (if not always respected) than it's time to come home - to Israel.

Of course, the cynics out there (as well as those who might be overly comfortable with their lives outside the Land of Israel) will raise the contention that today Israel does not seem to be overly concerned with acting as a Jewish State, and serving the needs of those who view it as such. To that I respond, that you are right and you are wrong. True, in Israel today, the Jewish People face many challenges, however, America will never, ever be a Jewish State, and it is not meant to be. The State of Israel is the State of the Jewish People, and if enough Jews who want Israel to truly be a Jewish State decide to personally take up the call to help bring about that change, it will happen - it's just a question of when.

Let's not forget that the State of Israel today has brought about the fulfillment of the pasuk: "Ki M'zion teizei Torah u'dvar Hashem m'Yerushalayim" - "From Zion Torah will come forth, and the word of Hashem from Jerusalem". Today, Israel is the center of world Jewry, and is the only Jewish community in the world that has a positive growth rate from one generation to the next. The future of the Jewish People (and the present) is here, in Israel.

To those who choose not to accept that fact, enjoy the 8am minyan.


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