Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We Answer to a Higher Authority...

In a Ha'aretz article entitled: Democracy needs to go on the offense by Ze'ev Segal, we find the following (contradictory) remarks:

"Many of the settlers may have forgotten that the most convincing reasons for needing to maintain law and order can be found in Jewish teachings. Rabbi Hanina said that were it not for fear of the Almighty, people would eat their comrades alive. Rashi explained that the injunction in the Torah not to stray from the path is valid "even if you are told about left that it is right, and about right that it is left."

The Supreme Court invoked these teachings in connection with obeying the Knesset's decision and legal instructions expressing the sovereignty of the entire nation."

One can infer two complimentary points from the above:

1) Segal believes that in the modern State of Israel "fear of the Almighty" means - 1st and foremost - fearing all state institutions, such as the Knesset and Supreme Court... as opposed to G-d.

2) It is, in fact, those whom Segal refers to as "settlers" who have remained consistent with the Jewish teachings that Segal quotes: "Rabbi Hanina said that were it not for fear of the Almighty, people would eat their comrades alive". After all, it is not the "settlers" who are preparing to destroy Jewish communities in the Land of Israel, expel thousands of Jews, give over their homes and land to murderers, and are preparing to build a casino on rubble of these Jewish homes for Israeli's which will go directly towards funding future terror attacks against the Jewish People and State - all in the name of "fearing the Almighty", "following orders" and "upholding the rule of law".

Ha'aretz and the followers of its ideological bent can continue to worship at the altar of their false gods, but please spare us all the manipulation of Jewish sources for such un-Jewish ends.

To close on a positive note...

Thank you, Ze'ev Segal and Ha'aretz for unequivocally showing the truth of the Torah and the teachings of our sages - "Moshe Emet V'Torato Emet".


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