Friday, August 19, 2005

The Media and "Disengagement"

Here are two quick observations that I have made since watching Jews being expelled from their homes on TV here in Israel:

1) I find that the media is overly obtrusive. Here we have Jews being pulled from their homes, from their lives, and all I keep seeing are cameras and microphones shoved in their faces. I understand that the media is going to be there, but show some basic human decency. These people do not want to be interviewed right now, get your shots from a respectable distance - we do not need to have an up-close-and-personal shot of the heartbreak and disgrace that our fellow brothers and sisters are going through.

Also, the commentators just keep talking in the background while it all is happening. Sometimes, less is more. What is happening in Gush Katif speaks for itself; I don't need to be told by someone sitting in a studio what I am watching, thanks.

2) Today is Friday, the 3rd day of the expulsion, and aside from a brief amount of coverage this morning, there is no live coverage of what is happening today. I guess, after 3 days, expelling Jews from their homes isn't newsworthy anymore...


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