Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Quick Question...

Do the Israeli media and Israeli left still care if anyone is praying for Ariel Sharon - or is he not considered newsworthy anymore?


Unfortunately, PM Sharon is too ill to be considered powerful and feared. Respect seems to be hardly a question since power and fear are out of the equation.

As a person, a Jew and an individual who has contributed significantly to the establishment and growth of Israel, we should all pray for his return to health and absence of suffering.

Perhaps, when he meets his wife again, she will scold him for his recent errors.

By Anonymous Hillel, at Wed Jan 25, 02:36:00 PM GMT+2  

Who do you mean when you say "The Israeli Left"?

By Blogger tafka PP, at Thu Jan 26, 01:52:00 PM GMT+2  

Ummm... "Alternative Viewpoint" people?

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Thu Jan 26, 03:02:00 PM GMT+2  

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